Alam Serantau Resources

Alam Serantau Resouces is a private limited company which
started from an sole proprietorship on 2009, and was incorporated on 2015.
The main activity for this company is in the:-


  • Design field
  • Architectural design and built
  • Properties
  • Interior design
  • Personal bungalow
  • Housing development and architecture


  • Supply and servicing
  • Air-conditioning System
  • Electrical wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Protections
  • CCTV and RFID system
  • Gate Systems
  • Smart Home System
  • Rotating Equipment Services
  • Other related Industrial Products Trading

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Director

Our experienced director who involved in several big projects which cost up to RM21,000,000.

Competent Certificated

We have certificates that proven our ability and services which can brings a great satisfaction of our customers.

Customer Sactifaction

We provide best service to customers about property, decoration services and Mechanical & Electrical.

One Stop Center Building Solutions

We offer services and support for every step of your project - from building design to construction.

Our Objective

Better Services

Provide better service to customers in all of our professional fields

Affordable Price

Provide the best services at affordable price

Achieve Profit

Achieve a new high of net profit : MYR1 million

Get More Customers

Always to get customers from time to time while maintaining existing customers

Become Bumiputera

Become a competitive and challenging Bumiputera in the field of architecture and business property in the world.

Become Advisor

Become an advisor on planning an property asset for the purpose of teaching and learning at higher education institute.

Our Mission

To enrich people’s lives with the built environment through
strong, creative architectural design and inspirational leadership and Mechanical & Electrical

Our Vision

To become a company of choice for vast creativity with commitment of excellence and overwhelming customers satisfaction.

"One Stop Center Building Solutions"